Fresh Tea

Fifty years ago, Cat Stevens released his classic album “Tea For The Tillerman.” To mark the occasion, Yusuf has re-recorded his album with the original producer and guitarist, and will release it on September 18th as “Tea For The Tillerman².” Listen to Yusef/Cat Stevens’ new take on “Where Do The Children Play”:

Sheer Heart Attack

Word came recently that Queen’s Brian May needed to go into the hospital after tearing his gluteus maximus while gardening. Turns out, his health was in far-worse danger than he imagined, and as he explains in an Instagram video:

The New Journey

Journey’s new lineup was unveiled Saturday evening during the UNICEF WON’T STOP fundraiser event. Following the March expulsion of longtime bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith, two big names in the music industry are their replacements. On bass is Valory’s unofficial replacement in the ’80s for “Raised On Radio”, Randy Jackson (he of American Idol fame, but a top-notch session bassist in his own right). Meanwhile, on drums is Narada Michael Walden, with an extensive production and session list himself. Watch the new lineup (including touring keyboardist Travis Thibodaux) here performing “Don’t Stop Believin'”:

Ready For The Freddie Tribute?

Tomorrow (Friday the 15th) at 1 p.m., the classic 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute concert will stream on YouTube for 48 hours. The original took place at the old Wembley Stadium in London in April of 1992, raising money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust to promote AIDS awareness, and featured performances by by the likes of George Michael, U2, David Bowie, Elton John, and many more, plus Queen. For a taste of the show, here’s one of George Michael’s performances that was released as a hit single: “Somebody To Love”:

Prince Live Livestream

A legendary Prince concert is coming to YouTube for a limited time. The 1985 Syracuse, NY, Prince & The Revolution show will stream on YouTube this weekend only, and viewer donations will go to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. It’ll start with a YouTube watch party at 7 p.m. Thursday. From the same tour that produced that Syracuse concert, here’s the music video for “Baby I’m A Star,” taped in Maryland: