Aerosmith Reunited?

With all the recent drama surrounding Joey Kramer’s attempts to return to the drum spot in Aerosmith, one could easily wonder if the band’s only drummer might, decades into the band’s run, be gone. Thankfully, that’s apparently not the case: Kramer was back at the drum kit for their Monday evening performance in Las Vegas:

The New Styx Mission

There’s another new album in the works from a classic act. This time its Styx: Tommy Shaw tells PodKats! that the band has been writing music and now needs to get members together at the same time. This would be the follow-up to 2017’s “The Mission.” Meanwhile, former singer Dennis DeYoung has a new solo album coming this spring, “26 East: Volume 1.”

From “The Mission,” here’s “Gone Gone Gone.” filmed at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater: