Jack’s Takes: I am not a cat

I have a confession to make: Zoom meetings tend to make me a little anxious.

Whenever I have to meet with someone over Zoom, I always log into the meeting a half-hour early just to make sure that things are running smoothly. Also, when I have to share my screen, I make sure to create a separate folder of all of the necessary documents so that I can share things from my computer in a concise manner.

When I tell people this, they tend to balk and question why I get so nervous. “What do you have to worry about?” they ask. Well, just recently in a viral video taking the Twitter-sphere by storm, my fears have been vindicated…

The “person” on the lower right is Texas lawyer Rod Ponton, appearing (sort of) via Zoom for a session of the 394th District Court.

The video is short, and it’s never revealed whether or not Rod manages to get the filter off. However, I have now come to believe that he actually IS a cat! After all, if you were a cat masquerading as a lawyer, isn’t that something you’d say to try to convince your colleagues otherwise??

We may never get to the bottom of this. Needless to say, this viral moment is sure to go down in hiss-story.