Jack’s Takes: Where is Screech??

Hello everyone! I am back once again, by unpopular demand, to provide my unsolicited comments on pop culture comings and goings.

And speaking of things that nobody asked for, a beloved 90s sitcom is making its return to television!

You saw that correctly: Saved By The Bell has gotten a reboot! On Wednesday, November 25, the glorious halls of Bayside High graced our television screens once again, only this time on the NBC streaming service Peacock.

This new series follows a different gang of kids as they navigate the dicey waters of adolescence. However, the original cast is featured prominently in the reboot as well, particularly Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who reprise their roles as A.C. Slater and Zack Morris, respectively.

But to my dismay, one character is conspicuously absent from the show…

Unfortunately, Screech (played by Dustin Diamond) has not been featured on the show, nor can one expect to see him make any appearances anytime soon, more than likely due to his tumultuous personal life.

It’s a shame, really. As an awkward, curly-haired kid myself, I looked forward to turning on the television every Saturday morning, bowl of cereal placed firmly in my hand, to see what kind of antics Screech would get himself into next.

Like I said before, I doubt that Screech will make an appearance on the show in the near future. But mark my words, if he does show up, I will be there, cereal spewing out of my mouth with laughter for old times’ sake.